Trans Logistics Ltd. provides a full range of freight insurance, from the supplier's factory or dock or warehouse to the consignee's warehouse.

Comprehensive Insurance

We suggest our customers and all importers, when you importing from Bangladesh, please buy insurance, this way not only guarantees that when your goods suffer damage, you can get full compensation but also can let you better keep a peaceful mood, spend little money, let yourself have a good mood.

Please remember our cargo insurance formula: cargo value*1.1*0.001= your insurance fee, insure your cargo today.

Trans Logistics Ltd make it easy to get cargo insurance and insure for international shipping or domestic transport coverage for your commercial cargo or personal goods. another point is our insurance rates are very competitive. it could cut down your logistics cost absolutely.

Insure with Us, here is reason and benefits you will get

Trans Logistics Ltd Customs Clearance is all about simplicity. Customs rules and processes can be confusing. but our goal is to make clearance as easy as possible for you and to resolve any problems related to your exportation commodity.Almost Any Item, Even High-Risk Commodities

  • Any Destination: Domestic & International
  • All Modes of Transport: Ocean, Air & Land
  • Any Amount- No Min. or Max. Coverage Limits
  • Save up to 90% compare to Carriers Insurance
  • No Paperwork

Cargo Insurance

Safeguard your shipments against unforeseen events with our comprehensive cargo insurance. Covering risks like theft, natural disasters, and piracy, we ensure your goods are protected throughout their journey.