Trans Logistics Ltd provide our customers with stable, reliable and extremely low-cost warehousing services.

We provide our customers with stable, reliable and extremely low-cost warehouse services.

  • Owning independent import and export warehouses in all Bangladeshi ports.
  • Providing logistics services from Bangladesh warehouses to overseas warehouses,
  • Our warehouse can flexibly combine multiple suppliers’ goods into one shipment or combined them into one container. the shipping cost is greatly reduced.
  • We provide our customers with extremely low storage costs.
  • We have our own independent importing warehouse

Every year, Trans Logistics Ltd import all kinds food, raw materials and equipment from overseas. When these goods are cleared, we will deliver the goods to our nearest importing warehouse, distribute them according to the requirements of customers., relying on Trans Logistics Ltd powerful domestic LTL logistics and transportation network.

Choosing Trans Logistics Ltd as your Bangladeshi shipping agent and using our warehousing service will definitely benefit you a lot when importing from Bangladesh.

Our flexibility allows us to work with all sizes of enterprise, with a range of storage options in the Bangladesh and Worldwide.

We can provide below service as your reference
  • Importing and exporting worldwide
  • General and bonded warehouse are provided service in all main ports in the region.
  • Experienced team able to assist with all aspects of imports/exports by Warehousing and Distribution between partner and factories
  • Ocean container unloading, sorting and storage available
  • Pick and packing and stock management (labelling, packing, scanning, re-packing)
  • Carton sorting to marks
  • Palletization / Shrink Wrapping
  • temporary care
  •  inspection
  • packing and loading supervision

Optimize your storage with our centralized warehousing services. Ideal for efficient inventory management and timely customer deliveries, our warehousing solutions enhance your operational efficiency. In Singapore’s limited space, our cost-effective rental spaces offer the perfect alternative to owning a warehouse.

Storage on racks with safety equipment

 For shipments requiring a complete shipping container, FCL is the ideal choice. The exclusive use of a container ensures that your cargo is not mixed or mingled with other shipments, offering high security and minimal handling during transit.

Well trained and experienced staff

With LCL shipping, you don’t need to book an entire container for smaller shipments. Instead, we consolidate your cargo with other shipments, optimizing space utilization and reducing shipping costs. This cost-sharing approach benefits businesses looking for flexible and budget-friendly shipping solutions.

Warehouse management and value-added services

Our end-to-end logistics solutions take care of every aspect of your shipment, from pick-up to delivery, providing seamless and hassle-free transportation of your freight. Whether it’s import or export, our international sea freight services in Singapore ensure reliable door-to-door delivery.